Designing Together: The collaboraiton and conflict management handbook for creative professionals, by Dan Brown

Designing Together

The collaboration and conflict management handbook for creative professionals

A new book by Dan Brown

"While I’ve learned many of these practices along my career, I’d never seen them as clearly named, explained, and taught as they are here."
~ Scott Berkun, from the foreword

Designing Together is a new book by Dan Brown, the web designer who codified design documentation in New Riders' best-selling Communicating Design.

Successful creative work depends on collaboration and conflict. Being a designer today means working well on a team, which means knowing how to collaborate and knowing how to deal with conflict.

The Book

Designing Together teaches designers how to be better collaborators and how to navigate difficult situations. In 240 pages, it's the course offered in no design school -- how to work with other designers to maximize efficiency and quality.

The Game

Surviving Design Projects is a card game for designers to help practice their conflict management skills. Presented with a conflict scenario, players have to suggest a way to improve the situation through different "patterns".

About the Author

Headshot of Dan Brown

Dan Brown is co-founder and principal at EightShapes, LLC, a user experience consulting firm based in Washington, DC that has engaged with clients in telecommunications, media, education, health, high-tech, and other sectors. Dan has been practicing information architecture and user experience design since 1995.

You can follow Dan on Twitter @brownorama.